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And just like that…

We’re pregnant!!!!!! My HCG (also known as “the pregnancy hormone”) came back at 270! That is an extremely strong, healthy number. They were looking for something over 100, mine was almost three times that! Caitlin said that she’d hedge her … Continue reading

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Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Is this the longest 9 days EVER or what?! Blood test is Wednesday and today is Monday. Heads up: Gina and I may not tell y’all asap just to let ourselves have a little private time with whatever the news … Continue reading

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Transfer Day

What a magical day! After a good night’s sleep (and some great baby dreams) I woke up and went for a walk. It was a gorgeous spring morning. I wanted blood flow and fresh air. We killed time until we … Continue reading

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Eve of Embryo Transfer

It’s Sunday evening. The night before the embryo transfer. The day we’ve been waiting for for a long, long time. It’s surreal that it’s here. Progesterone Almost surreal, that is. As dreamy as the evening may be these really fucking … Continue reading

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Our beloved Idgie passed just over 2 years ago and within weeks I started seeing the number 14 everywhere. It was odd really. Sometimes in particular I would see the number 5:14, which happens to be my birthday. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

I’m not one to bruise easily. I never have been. It takes a lot for me to turn color, so I consider myself lucky when I look at these pics. My acupuncturists tells me that some women’s bellies are just … Continue reading

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A Baker’s Dozen

I got the call this morning from the embryologist with such good news. Thirteen fertilized eggs! After all those ultrasounds and counting of follicles and measuring the size of them (with such great disparity 7mm-28mm), in the end, I have … Continue reading

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