About the Two Chicks

I am Regina Perata and my wife/partner/spouse is Gina Diaz, affectionately called Gina Marlo. Any amount of differentiation around here is welcomed given it’s only 2 letters that make our first names different. Yes, Gina and Regina.

We’re proud Californians (Bay Area) who moved to Portland, Oregon in January 2002 to make a (better) life for ourselves. We love, love, LOVE Portland and our life here.

Gina is a Sign Language Interpreter and I am a healer/coach/therapist type. We have a 1942 home in NE that we adore, four sweet chickens that are amazing little yummy egg machines and two cats who mostly use us as their basecamp but we love them dearly anyway.

Gina and I have been together since 2000 and married since 2005. Even though I’ve always wanted children, we waited five years of being together first before actively trying to grow our little family (Spring of 2005). We’ve been on quite a journey and are blogging to capture our history & experiences, laugh, heal and simply share.

Welcome! And thanks for joining in on our ride where we sometimes find ourselves saying, “What the ????”


Regina + Gina
The Mother Cluckers

Gina + Regina


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