Our beloved Idgie passed just over 2 years ago and within weeks I started seeing the number 14 everywhere. It was odd really. Sometimes in particular I would see the number 5:14, which happens to be my birthday. It wasn’t just that I happened to look at the clock right on the 14th minute of every hour, however. I saw the number on my itunes play lists, billboards, messages, stand-in-line number at the meat counter. You name it, 14 was everywhere. Finally, a few months later (when Gina must have been sick of hearing me talk about it), she said to me, “Did it ever occur to you that it’s Idgie? Her way of letting you know she’s here with you? I mean, 14 is your birthday, it is how old she was when she passed and (one other thing I can’t remember now).”

It hit me like a ton of bricks- chills all over my body. Gina was right. It’s Idgie. Her angelic nature, right there, still with me. Through tears, I felt immediately at peace.

Over the years, I have since been comforted by this pheneomenon. And while I don’t see the number 14 as much as I once did, I see it more than any other number. Perhaps because I’m looking? Doesn’t really matter. When I see it, I say, “Hi Idg!” or, “Night, Idg. Love you.” And so it goes. It’s my way of staying connected to her and maybe even her way of staying connected to me.

Monday is the day of the embryo transfer. It’s the day we have been working towards, in some ways, for years… certainly for the better part of the last 6 months. Every single day, we take meds, see docs, eat well, go to acupunture… all in order to get to this coming Monday.

And just what do you think is the date of the embryo transfer? What else would it be? The 14th. Monday, March 14th. I know that we humans make meaning out of everything. But I always say, does that meaning empower you or disempower you? It would be a gross understatment to say this empowers me.

Thanks, Idg.

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